What should you expect?
Whether you are “curious or seriously seeking a christian faith community” you are welcomed at SAUMC.   The first encounter with St. Andrew United Methodist Church will probably be Sunday morning worship.    The information below help you know what to expect on Sundays, but there are plenty of weekday programs and events  if you want to visit and participate.  See our weekly calendar for more information.

Blended Worship in a Multi-cultural and Multi-Ethnic Setting
Blended Early Riser  (8:00 am) and Blended Late Morning  (10:45 am). Toward the beginning of the service, everyone is invited to stand and greet one another with a good morning song.    Visitors are welcomed and asked to raise their hand only if the visitor wishes to be identified.  You will never be singled out as a guest of St.  Andrew.

The worship style is a great mix or blend of worship styles and responses that reflect the great Biblical teaching, a blend of musical styles, prayer, giving, and communion on the first Sunday of each month.

How Should I Dress?
The dress code for worship is come as you are. You will see people in suits, dresses,  skirts, shorts, polo shirts, jeans, dress shoes, athletic shoes and flip-flops.  SAUMC dress code is a direct reflection  of a multi-generation, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural community of faith.  Come as you are.

Radical Hospitality and Faith Development
Arrived and get parked we have visitor parking just for you.  We are a single-campus church with one location. You will be greeted with a welcome and good morning from our greeters and welcome center ambassadors.   You will be given information outlining Sunday morning Worship and Faith
Development classes for all ages.   Greeters and Ushers will welcome you into the Worship Center and give you a program outlining the service.   The services are also projected for your convenience.  If you have questions please ask.   Welcome to St. Andrew campus.

Hospitality for Yourself, Children, and Youth.
Welcome greeters and ushers are ready to answer your questions before, between, and after worship services or classes.  Just look for them behind the counter in the main welcome center area.  They can help direct you to the area on our campus that you are seeking.   If you have  infants, toddlers, young children or teens, they can help you direct you to a place where we will take great care of your child or youth.  Our  paid and servant leader volunteers have been Safe Sanctuary trained to provide a safe environment

Children and Passionate Worship
Kids for Christ – Children ages 3 – 2nd grade are invited to Children’s Worship.  Children meet with the leader in front of the Worship Center stage chancel area.  Children have a special Biblical message and story just for them.  After the service you may pick up your children at Room 118.

Children In Worship
Children  3rd grade  and up have a special place to sit in worship at St. Andrew as well as special material geared  toward the sermon, music, and media used in worship.  We offer children a Worship Busy Bag with a questions information that will help them follow along in worship.  There are adults that sit in the “Children in Worship” area to assist children if there is a need.  Children are amazing and can grasp more than we give them credit.  What better way for our children to worship than with us.
The children are brought back to the Worship Center during the closing song to depart with their parents. Children are always welcome to stay and worship in the worship center sanctuary.

If you would like prayer about a personal concern or something you heard in the service come and pray during the close of the service a special prayer team will pray with you. These men and women have been trained to listen and encourage, and they are eager to help. You can also complete and prayer card and we will continue to pray with you throughout the week.