Disciple II – Bible Study  - Thursday Afternoon
There Is Still Time To Participate
Disciple II – “As we learn to trust God to provide, we begin to see ourselves in proper relationship in God’s total creation, which frees us for obedience experienced as joy.” Come to your study of scripture with an open mind and an open heart ready to receive what God will reveal to you. Disciple II will begin on Thursday, Sept. 11th at 12:30 p.m. Please join us for this study. For more information, please contact Rodna King at 314-837-0035 or rodnak@att.net. A sign up sheet is at the Welcome Center or you may call the office at 314-837-4233.

The Shelter of God’s Promises - Sunday Morning
Christianity 102 Class

The Christianity 102 Sunday School class will begin our new study on 14 September. We will be using the book The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh as we explore what the Bible has to say about some of our most challenging questions: “Do God’s promises hold fast when everything else is falling apart? What exactly does He promise us? Can we trust Him to keep His promises?” This 10-week study includes DVD presenta- tions by Sheila Walsh, a noted speaker for the Women of Faith conferences. Join us in Room 107…and bring your Bible. Copies of Sheila Walsh’s book are available at class time.

Forum Class  - Sunday Morning
Making Sense of the Bible
In Making Sense of the Bible, Adam Hamilton invites us into an honest conversation about the Bible. The book begins with foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible written? Who decided which books made it into the scriptures and why? How literally must we read it? And, Is the Bible ever wrong?From there, Hamilton considers the real questions people frequently ask that continue to divide Christians starting August 31, 2014, Room A & B Family Life Center, 9:30 a.m.

Starting October 26, 2014  - Sunday Morning
A Life of Simplicity
This study will help you and your group consider what a life of simplicity looks like and why God calls us to simple lives. Learn the way to the simple life—and recognize that the organizational advice given by popular magazines and websites just won’t cut it.

Starting November 30, 2014 - Sunday Morning
Under Wraps the Gift We Never Expected
Under Wraps is an Advent experience that explores the character of God described in the Old Testament and then revealed through Jesus Christ. Pastors of different background, and ages will focus on a key word that describes a characteristic of God that is evidenced in the Old Testament and then seen more clearly through Jesus: faithful, dangerous, expectant and jealous. Additional material on the theme of “Joy” is provided.