St. Andrew was established by the St. Louis Mission and Church Extension Society in 1965 which saw a need for a future Methodist Church in North St. Louis County.

In early April, 1965, Bishop Eugene Frank, in consultation with the Mission Society, appointed G. Robert Hudspeth as organizing pastor for the new church. Five families from the neighboring St. Mark’s and North Hills Methodist Churches were commissioned to serve in the new congregation.

Between April and June 1965 many meetings were held at the parsonage in Cross Keys Apartments. During these meetings the name of the church was discussed. Suggestions ranged from “St. Luke” to Shoveltown Methodist Church (based on the location of the new church property – Shoveltown was the name of the small community surrounding the new church) to all of the Apostles. Finally, the name “St. Andrew” was chosen — in honor of the first Apostle to follow Christ.

On Sunday morning, June 13, 1965, St. Andrew Methodist Church held its first worship service in Black Jack Elementary School, where services would be held until the new building was completed. Twenty-four people attended that first service.

On Sunday, August 1, 1965, St. Andrew Methodist Church was constituted with thirty-eight members by the District Superintendent, the Rev. Gregory Poole.

Christmas, 1965, saw two new traditions established at St. Andrew.A Christmas music program was presented by the choir and youth, and worshippers attended the first Christmas Eve candlelight communion service.

A Cub Scout Pack was organized in 1966 followed the next year by the chartering of Boy Scout Troup 942. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 547 was established in 1974.

1968 brought about the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church into The United Methodist Church.

St. Andrew United Methodist Church has had a varied history in the life of the church. As with all organizations there were many growing pains but all were handled well and succesfully.

History of the United Methodist Church